Grant Research

Susan G. Komen® has made a promise to end breast cancer forever; energizing science to find the cures by funding national grants to support breast cancer research is a critical part of this promise.

Thanks to Komen’s supporters, we’ve been able to provide nearly $889M to researchers around the globe every year since 1982 – the largest of any nonprofit and second only to the U.S. government. Komen Colorado’s supporters have contributed more than $14 million toward this cause.

And with your help, we’ll keep doing so.

Colorado has held research grants totaling nearly $8.8 million since the first grant was awarded here in 1997. Currently, there are 4 active grants totaling $1,170,000 taking place in Colorado.

Learn more about Komen’s national breast cancer research program at: http://ww5.komen.org/WhatWeDo/WeFundResearch/WeFundResearch.html