Grants Program

Komen Colorado’s local grants are critical to achieving Susan G. Komen®’s vision of saving lives and ending breast cancer forever. Our grants empower people to make healthy decisions about their breast screening and care needs and to access quality care if diagnosed with the disease. Fully 75% of net revenues raised every year is re-invested back into our community to offset costs for breast cancer services.

We believe the ability to receive quality breast cancer care should not be dependent upon ability to pay, age, insurance coverage, geographic location, educational attainment, race, ethnicity, language spoken, immigration status, sexual orientation or gender affiliation.

Our grants program is designed to make systemic, lasting change in our community. We are proud to have invested more than $42 million into our service area since we were founded in 1991. In 2017, Komen Colorado awarded $662,000 to 14 Colorado-based non-profit organizations, health clinics and hospitals to pay for 5,000+ women and men to receive clinical breast exams, mammograms, diagnostic procedures, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, financial support while undergoing treatment, and culturally appropriate education about breast cancer risk.

For a complete list of current and past grantees, click here.

Learn more about our grant-making process below.

  • Learn from the Community Profile

    Komen Colorado’s grant program is guided by our Community Profile. The Community Profile is a needs assessment that analyzes qualitative, quantitative and health systems data and related information to understand the breast cancer burden in the 22 counties served by the Affiliate. The process includes thorough analysis of breast cancer incidence, mortality, and late-stage diagnosis rates from data provided by the Colorado Cancer Registry; frequency of mammography screening according to the Colorado Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System administered by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment; and disparities in breast health outcomes among different populations revealed in these data. This assessment informs Komen Colorado’s strategic and operational planning and informs the Affiliate’s grant-making, education/outreach, collaboration, public policy, and development activities. By focusing on these priorities, Komen Colorado can ensure that resources and programs contribute toward achieving the following outcomes throughout its service area:
    • Increasing breast cancer screening rates and overall access to care
    • Reducing late-stage diagnosis and breast cancer mortality rates
    • Reducing disparities in breast cancer outcomes between various populations
    • Enhancing the quality of life for patients and survivors
    • Enhancing patients’ ability to progress along the breast cancer continuum of care in their local communities
    • Increasing individuals’ understanding of and decision-making about breast cancer risk, screening recommendations, and screening behaviors

    To learn more about the priorities Komen Colorado is currently addressing through our grant making, read our 2015 Community Profile or the Executive Summary.

  • Develop the Request for Applications (RFA)

    The Affiliate develops requests for applications to invest funds raised through our signature Race for the Cure and other events into local non-profit organizations to carry out breast health projects to address the needs identified in the Community Profile. Komen Colorado makes grants to eligible nonprofit health clinics, hospitals and community-based organizations to serve women and men living in Komen Colorado’s 22-county service area. In 2015, projects that received grants from Komen Colorado fall into one of the following funding areas:

    • Community Health Workers (CHW): are members of the community who are fluent in and sensitive to the language and culture of their audience with the primary aim of helping people in their community understand health behaviors, recognize health options, and make decisions that will improve their health. Komen Colorado considers proposals for projects where CHWs provide culturally responsive breast health education to diverse populations that focus on addressing barriers to screening. The end-goal of these projects is to connect medically underserved individuals with clinical breast exams, mammograms and timely follow-up diagnostic care.
    • Screening & Diagnostics: provides direct patient screening & diagnostic services that include all aspects of breast cancer screening, diagnostics and other follow up care at a clinical location. This includes clinical breast exams, screening mammograms, diagnostic mammograms, breast ultrasounds, breast MRIs, and biopsies.
    • Treatment: provides direct patient services that include all aspects of breast cancer treatment including, staging, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, counseling, navigation, alternative therapies and other follow-up care in a medical setting.
    • Patient Support: offers assistance outside of direct clinical services to support breast cancer patients with their immediate needs in healing mentally and physically while undergoing treatment.

  • Solicit applications

    The Request for Applications (RFA) is distributed publicly throughout our 22-county service area. Wide distribution is essential to ensure a competitive and geographically relevant grant process. Komen Colorado conducts grant-writing workshops to help potential applicants better respond to our RFA.

  • Reviewing applications

    Grant applications are reviewed by an independent community review panel comprised of individuals with backgrounds in breast cancer, grant writing or reviewing, nonprofit management, finance, medicine, or related fields. The panel members review, score, and rank the applications to recommend for funding. Komen Colorado staff and board members are NOT involved in the scoring and ranking of applications. The review panel is made up of volunteers who represent our geographical regions and Komen Colorado accepts applications for its Grant Review Panel each fall. Individuals  are needed to serve as volunteer members of this group. Breast cancer survivors with knowledge in these areas are encouraged to apply.

  • Approve and award the grants

    Once the Grant Review Panel has finalized its recommendations of applications to fund, the ranked list of applications (slate of grants) is submitted to the Komen Colorado Board of Directors for approval. The Board has authority to only accept or reject the entire ranked-order list of applications that the Grant Review Panel has recommended for funding. The Board is not allowed to line-item veto individual projects. In the rare case that the funding slate is rejected, the entire slate is sent back to the review panel to address the concerns of the Board. When the slate is approved, grants are awarded in rank order to as many applicants as possible based on the Affiliate’s annual revenues generated through our signature Race for the Cure and other events. Komen Colorado is not an endowed foundation, and all monies granted each year were raised from the previous fiscal year. Award notification takes place in March.

  • Manage and monitor the grants

    Projects that have been awarded funding by Komen Colorado are implemented from April 1 through March 31 of the following year. Komen Colorado closely monitors all grant-receiving organizations to guarantee the awarded funds are used as intended and NOT used outside the scope of our promise to save lives and end breast cancer. The monitoring includes 6-month, 9-month and final reports; site visits; and required participation in regional coalitions to avoid duplication of service and enhance patients’ ability to continue along the breast cancer continuum of care.